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This is an extract from the "SAM Admin Guide" from ORION-Documentation, chapter "Building Component Monitors and Templates":


"You can create a Windows Script monitor to have SolarWinds SAM run a script using Windows Script Host. Windows Script Host comes with VBScript and Jscript, but can be extended with other scripting languages.

Scripts run on the SolarWinds SAM server and use the credentials you specify. The script must both return an exit code and output a text string containung a statistic value conforming to the specifications described later in this section.

Note: Format the Statistic value to use the same decimal separator as the SolarWinds SAM server. The SolarWinds SAM server uses the decimal separator set by its Microsoft Windows regional settings.

To adapt an existing Visual Basic script to a Windows Script Monitor in a new template:

1. Log on to your SolarWinds Web Console with an Administrator account.
2. Click the Applications tab.
3. Click SAM Settings.
4. Click Create a New Template underneath Application Monitor Templates.
5. Type a name for your template in the Template Name field.
6. If you want to turn on extended debug information to assist Customer Support, expand Advanced and then set Debug logging On and specify the Number of logs files to keep.
Here you can also select either 32bit or 64bit from the dropdown list entitled, Platform to run polling job on.
Note: do not turn on Debug logging unless directed by Customer Support.
7. Click Add Component Monitor.
8. Expand the Custom Component Monitors group, and then check Windows Script Monitor.
9. Click Submit.
10. Select credentials with the appropriate permissions to run the script on the SolarWinds SAM server, and that also has appropiate permissions to to whatever else the script requires.
11. Copy the Visual Basic script into the Script Body field.
12. Type any script arguments into the Script Arguments field.
13. Specify the critical and warning thresholds.
14. Click Submit."


Further Notes:
- The necessary script you find in the installation directory (StarterPack)
- The script arguments consists of the Sensor-Name and the Profile-Name

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